Why Choose Us?

As your trusted partner for high-quality material, we offer a range of advantages:

  • Strong Austrian-Egyptian Heritage: Fueled by enthusiasm and determination, we bring our innovative vision to life as a leading provider of premium material.
  • Excellent European Network: Thanks to our top-tier connections throughout Europe, we can ensure shorter delivery times, positioning us optimally.
  • Support from Strategic Investors: Our established contacts and the backing of a strategic investor empower us to swiftly ascend to the forefront of the lead industry as a primary supplier.
  • Transparency and Communication: We highly value clear communication and transparency in all business operations.
  • Factory Visits: Interested in getting a firsthand look at our operations? We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to visit our production center and witness our quality standards.
  • Short Delivery Times and Reliable Logistics: With a transit time of 4-7 days (Koper, Trieste), we provide up to 70% faster delivery compared to shipments from Asia.

With us, you choose speed, quality, transparency, and the opportunity to personally acquaint yourself with our company and production facilities.

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